Secret Base. Mmmmmm………..

skullbrain1Being of the skint starving artist type (Well I would be if it wasn’t for Lidl) I spend an awful lot of time coveting stuff I can’t afford. Somewhere on the top of this list of unattainable wonders is nearly everything I see on the Secret Base website. I often wonder whether I would be so keen on it if it wasn’t so damnably hard to get hold of. Even looking at the website is a trial. For a start you will probably have to install Kanji fonts on your pooter, then you have to reload it half a dozen times to actually get the page buttons to work. Once you have all this sorted you can ogle the weird and wonderful plastic toys and weirdly out of context fashion accessories. Zombie Dennis the Menace in Japan? And British Dennis the Menace at that!


You might even think about trying to buy something…  If you want to take that thought a stage forward, may your god help you. Firstly, you will realise that you haven’t a hope in hell of fitting into the clothes as they are so very tiny. Secondly, once you convert the price/telephone number from yen you will wish you hadn’t bothered as you will then need to crawl under a rock and wait for that long lost rich relative to pop their clogs. If you are still not put off, you can e-mail them to enquire about getting your potential purchase sent to you only to be told the next day that it is sold out. (Can you tell I’ve had personal experience of this?) Anyway, it’s lovely , lovely stuff and if you own any, please don’t tell me about it because I will cry.


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