My amazing dancing toy collection.

One of my toy cabinetsA couple of years back, I finally got a house big enough to allow me to take my entire toy collection out of  storage and….

Da da daaaaaaaaa…..   Out of their boxes. Even now I hear the screams of geeks and fan-boys perforating my eardrums.

So there I was, for two days straight, open box, put figure in glass cabinet, carefully put box back in storage, repeat. Bliss!

There they were, qee, dunny, evirobs, murakami, bearbrick ,micronauts, secret base and star wars. All standing to attention on their little plastic feet.

Then after a week or so, after the novelty had worn off I noticed something quite peculiar. Some of my toys had gone for a walk on their shelves, some were even huddled together as if planning some dastardly scheme….. Strange!

Now I could understand if some had fallen over, I’m quite heavy footed and a bit clumsy so you expect a few casualties, but this was far more subtle.  Were they indeed up to something? Were they planning to get me whilst I slept, perhaps even overcome me with fumes from all their little vinyl bodies or maybe they were going to make a break for the border.

This carried on for a while before I worked out what what was going on.  It was the washing machine. The spin cycle was sending vibrations though my glass cabinets and jiggling my little plastic friends about.

Reality can be quite a let down.


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