Maharishi Returns

Maharishi parka a/w 2009Maharishi are back! Yeah! Although being out of the loop it has been hard to gather exactly what went on. There was the insolvency, then the rumoured J.D sports buy out. Eeek! Then some other fund-raising thing was in the offing. Zzzzzzzz. Oh sorry, I just nodded off there talking business stuff. Yawn!

At the time the axe fell, I was mortified. Not only did Mr Blechman turn out some of the best quality and intellectually stimulating street wear there was, but also some of the most ethically sound without the usual smug factor. I have since been spent most of the summer buying up mainline and mhi stuff of the net so that I had some decent clothes to wear for the next few years.MHI Dog Track tee

Then, low and behold. up popped an email from the new online store. Followed by a drip feed of new stuff.

So what’s it like? Well…

The new main line collection is rather yummy. My personal favourite being a variation on the fishtail parka.

As for the new MHI line…. Not sure. Actually that’s being kind. It’s pretty poor. The only thing I’ll be buying is the play on the Walthamstow dog track neon sign, but that is only because it was an iconic image from North East London, my hometown. It’s a real shame, seeing as the last two collections were very strong. There is a small irony in the fact that the theme of the new MHI range is chance. So fingers crossed, let’s hope things go better for Maharishi in the future.


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