Experimental Theatre Vs Designer Vinyl

About a week ago, Dunny Series six hit the shops. Mind you, grazed the shops would be a better phrase as they were barely in them long enough to actually take up storage space. When the exchange rates went all wonky a couple of years back, the price of  a blind box figure worked out about seven pound, eight with postage, and there it has stayed.

When the new batch appeared I was overjoyed that there would be a Gloomy Bear Dunny and a Devilrobots Tofu number, but what really got me doing the Snoopy Dance was that there was going to be another figure by James Marshall aka Dalek. Unfortunately, the dancing stopped when I spotted that, rather than the usual one in one or two in every twenty-five boxes, it was a one in one hundred issue. This meant that buying a pre-opened one would be about thirty pounds, well out of my price range. Truth be told, it wasn’t the greatest piece of his work either.

So here’s the thing, I was flailing about trying to find a justification for spending eight pounds for the chance of buying a blind box and getting a Dalek figure by luck but I couldn’t think of one.

That was until last night when I forked out eight pound for a performance of experimental dance theatre.dalek

It took me about five minutes to work out that experimental dance theatre is a euphemism for something much more diabolical… I can barely type the word… Mime. Eeek!

At that point I made my excuses and left.

So now I have the ultimate justification for any outlay on little plastic toys.

It’s cheaper than five minutes of mime.


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