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Dark Times

If I was really clued up I would be writing something about the annual Coastal Currents exhibition that has been running for the past month or so. But I’m not going to, so there! Some of it was very good, some of it very self indulgent and pretentious.

So instead I will show you a photo of the very fleeting piece of work from the Dark Times exhibition at the f-ish gallery in Hastings back in May and June. It was a group exhibition, some of it very clever, some not, but the bit I really loved was the white-washed window with wonderful images scratched into it. I don’t know who it was by (and I have had a good try at finding out) so if you do then please tell me.  I walked past it a couple of times before I even noticed it as I just thought someone was having a laugh while doing a shop fitting. So to the unknown artist, hat’s off to you!

Dark Times


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